Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hello and welcome back..... Growing up in the 80s in Australia we had Smash Hits and Countdown Magazine to read. It was full of news, new music, posters of bands and Music lyrics so you could sing and pretend to know all the words..... Well, Its back.. Sort of.


"Classic Pop Magazine" :)

The latest edition of 'Classic Pop Magazine' is a Synth Pop Special with news and articles on Vince Clark, Depeche Mode, Howard Jones, Heaven17, Thomas Dolby and Blancmange.... How exciting is that?, and its available now from Itunes, Online and possibly newsagents in the U.K... If you subscribe online you can save heaps and have 'Classic Pop magazine' delivered to your door (Airmail for customers outside U.K)... How cool.

Costs $7.49 (Aust price-electronic download)
           £3.99/$5.99 U.S
Also available for Android and Desktop (See pocketmags link below)
Back issues are available as this magazine has been going since 2012.
You will find this awesome magazine in the newsstand app on Itunes /   or Via Website (Links below)

Im Loving This, Classic Pop Magazine is a quality read... 10/10



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