Friday, April 3, 2015


Hello and welcome back.... Cleaning out my cupboard, i stumbled across a CD that i had made when i brought my first car. Its pretty scratched but was able to upload to my computer, then use Soundhound to identify the tracks (my memory is not that good).... So hear it comes, the next few posts will be from that CD i affectionately named... "Munchies for your Bass" - Late 80s, Early 90s Dance / Rave.. Enjoy
(hint).. if i get enough views i will release the CD as a download.

First track is by Moby called UHF3, not sure if was ever a single. There was a a B-side track called UHF2. Still its pretty awsome.

Love the synth sounds, like nothing else.

MOBY - UHF3 (also called UHF.. Confused??)  (1991)


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