Wednesday, September 17, 2014

M - POP MUZIK (Lost Hit)

Hello and welcome back... Smashing into the music charts in 1979, U.K outfit 'M' made it to No 2 in the U.K and a slather of No 1 spots including Australia, Germany, Canada, Sweden and the U.S

'M' was fronted by singer,/ producer 'Robin Scott'.
Other musicians who played on the track were his brother Julian Scott (on bass), then unknown keyboardist Wally Badarou (Level 42), Canadian synth programmer John Lewis (who died of AIDS in 1985) and Brigit Novik, (backing vocals).

The single 'Pop Muszik' was from the album "New York • London • Paris • Munich"
Other musicians to play on this album include Phil Gould (Drums - later of Level 42), Gary Barnacle (Saxophone) and ... wait for it... David Bowie with occasional Handclaps, YES..David Bowie (He lives close to where they were recording the album and popped in for a cuppa*)

For me, I love this song... Its early 80s Disco meets New Wave and with the catchy phrase 'New York, London, Paris, Munich, everybody's talkin' `bout Pop Musik'.. Its hard to beat.

M - POP MUZIK          (Thanks to UnionSquareMusic for the video)


* Cannot confirm that a cup of tea was actually consumed (speculation only)


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