Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hello and welcome back.... Just letting the Flux Capacitor cool down after a visit to 1985, Canadian band 'FM Attack' are back with a new album called "Deja Vu"

The 8 track album is choc full of 80s dreamy synth sounds, punchy drum beats and vocal appearances from Greek synthpop goddess "Kristine".

I have featured FM Attack before on this site in the 'Sounds like the 80s' segment and "Mixtape" series
See Here
 P.S = keep an ear out for upcoming "Sounds like the 80s" Vol 3 Side B due for release shortly, it will feature a song from this album :)

This album is available on CD, Digital Download and 'Audio Cassette' (so 80s)

For Me, I live in the 80s and music like this, just makes it so much better.... I call it my 'Happy' music, Its so lush...

My favorite song would be 'With you Tonight'... This is the sound that makes 'FM Attack' stand out from the crowd and yell..."Ive got a freakin Time Machine" and I'm not afraid to use it..

Pure Bliss... A 10/10 album.

01. With You Tonight
02. Magic Ft 'Kristine'
03. Corazon
04. Activate
05. Fade Away Ft 'Julian Sanza'
06. Runaway Ft 'Kristine'
07. Tears Don’t Lie
08. Lost Angeles

FM ATTACK - DEJA VU  (intro)  (Thanks to Fm Attack Music for the video)

FM ATTACK - MAGIC Ft 'Kristine' (Thanks to NewRetroWave for the video)



HOT GIRLZ IN LOVE.... From the album - 'Dreamatic' ...(Thanks to vinystuart for the video)

A MILLION MILES AWAY... From the album - 'Astrowave' (Thanks to HDscreenerX for the video)

YESTERDAY (Ft Koo De Tah)... From the album - 'Dreamatic' (Thanks to MANGSCHEUONiCS for the video)

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