Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hello and welcome back..... Hands up who used to read Smash Hits Magazine, I did...
Well, you can relive that fuzzy feeling once again thanks to this Awesome site based in the U.K called 'Smash Hits Remembered'.

I'm not talking about one or two pages, its the whole magazine for your reading pleasure and currently standing at 125 versions starting at 1978 to 1989...Outstanding.

CLICK HERE  to view the site

Make sure you join the facebook page for further updates = SmashHitsRemembered

There are some serious memories here folks :)

Thanks to Smash Hits Remembered for the
magazine covers.


  1. Hi Michael,,It is Michael here and want to say thank you for mentioning my site Smash Hits Remembered. It is great when someone finds the site and mentioned how they like it. Like you I also loved reading the magazine every 2 weeks and singing (badly I might say) along to the singles using the words in the magazine LOL.

    I know there has been no new issues on the site. This is because we have been on holiday. We have also launched a new site that takes in other magazines that we have.

    Here is the Facebook page

    This site will feature a range of magazines in full for people to read.

    Now that I am back from holiday I will be putting up some more issues. I have some from 1985 and 1986 to complete so will be working on them.

    Once again thank you for promoting my site and hope to speak to you soon.


  2. Hi Michael, love your work, the time spent putting together scanned magazines must be mind blowing but is appreciated by many readers such as myself and hopefully readers of this site.


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