Saturday, November 26, 2011

EURYTHMICS - 10 favourite songs ( my mix tape )

Hello and welcome back... I am a huge fan of the Eurythmics and just recently i purchased the album "best of" from iTunes. O.k .. time for my gripe. HALF the songs are missing, when you call an album "the best of" i would hope it had most of the "best stuff" on it.. Not so.
Missing songs are "sex crime 1984", "( i love you ) like a ball and chain", "Beethoven" and "never gonna cry again". These songs are to me some of the best songs the Eurythmics have ever made, so i made my own mix tape, not necessarily the "best of" but the missing songs and then some.
I have also included some live songs as well so there may be 2 of the same songs but sounding different. I made this mixtape from 7 different albums and haven't stopped playing it. Hope you enjoy.

1 = I Could Give You A Mirror

2 = Sex Crime 1984 ( live )

3 = Sweet Dreams ( Hot Remix )

4 = I've Got An Angel

5 = ( I Love You ) Like A Ball And Chain


1 = Beethoven

2 = Never Gonna Cry Again ( Live )

3 = Revival

4 = Sex Crime 1984

5 = Ball & Chain ( live )

The live versions are absolutely stunning. If you like my mixtape you could Download almost every album and pick through the different songs OR you could DOWNLOAD a software ( free ) called Freestudio, this software has a program that allows you to extract the audio from you-tube videos ( most of them are HD ) and make a Excellent album that beats the music that you don't get on a " best of".. cheers

Monday, November 21, 2011

ULTRAVOX - the collection

Hello and welcome back.. My stint in hospital went well and many thanks for your best wishes.
Ultravox was fronted by two singers depending on which song your listening to. John Foxx was the first and left the band around 78-79 and was replaced by Midge Ure in the early 80s.
This band is the essential new wave sound with classic experimental noise and heavy use of analogue synths
Ultravox released this "best of" in 1984 and for me captures the essential sounds of the 80s, I even had a coloured picture disc on vinyl when it first came out. This album shot to no 2 in the U.K music charts and had a slather of hits including "hymn", "the voice", "Vienna", "we came to dance" & "loves great adventure".
My pick of this album would have to be "sleepwalk", its just a perfect  electronic song with a catchy beat. Enjoy.
Track listings are =
1 = Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

2 = Hymn

3 = The Thin Wall

4 = The Voice

5 = Vienna

6 = Passing Strangers

7 = Sleepwalk

8 = Reap The Wild Wind

9 = All Stood Still

10 = Visions In Blue

11 = We Came To Dance

12 = One Small Day

13 = Love's Great Adventure

14 = Lament

Love this band... CLICK HERE to download album.. Massive thanks to for the link.. Please make sure you say THANKS to baba... he is a "legend".  Cheers.

Friday, November 11, 2011

ENERGY 52 - cafe del mar ( dj kid paul mix ) ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back.. Shortly after the 80's, Acid (Music not the drug :)) was introduced, a type of music know as trance was also becoming popular.
Blend acid and dance, and one of the best songs I think was this song by "Energy 52 - Cafe del mar"
This song came out around 1993 and has a slathering of remixes that would make you dizzy but this one called the "DJ Kid Paul Mix" has to be my favorite.
There is 2 parts to this song, the first is classic synth trance & the second part which starts around 4.55 is more of a moody sweeping trance.
Sounds incredible on a set of headphones. Hope you enjoy.

Takes me back...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

ROXETTE - look sharp

Hello and welcome back.. The Swedish duo of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessel known as Roxette came out with this gem of an album in 1988.
I have always been a big fan of Roxette, love the use of vocals between Marie & Per and also the use of synths to create the mood of the songs.
The album "Look Sharp" made it to no2 in the Australian music charts, strangely it only managed a no23 in the U.S.
A string of hits on this album included "the look", "dressed for success", "sleeping single", "dance away", "chances", "dangerous" & "listen to your heart".
My pick of the album is a hard decision, there are so many excellent songs to choose from but i went with "(i could never) give you up", its an emotional song for those who have lost in love or had a loved one leave .. Brilliant album.. a 10/10.
Track listings are =
1 = The Look

2 = Dressed For Success

3 = Sleeping Single

4 = Paint

5 = Dance Away

6 = Cry

7 = Chances

8 = Dangerous

9 = Half a women, Half a shadow

10 = View from a Hill

11 = ( I Could Never) Give You Up...                            ( why wasn't this song a single? )

12 = Shadow of a Doubt

13 = Listen to your Heart

Sorry, couldn't go past this... Love Baywatch

Amazes me how half these songs were not singles... CLICK HERE to Download "Roxette" and more from my Mixtape series....... cheers.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

TANGERINE DREAM - firestarter

Hello and welcome back...Taken from the 1984 movie "firestarter" staring Drew Barrymore, this piece of music from Tangerine Dream is a moody sweeping synth driven song and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. The movie itself is written by Steven King and is about a girl named Charlie who has special powers to set fire to things, it's a bit corny in places and fresh from her E.T stint, Drew does a good job at acting the part, but its the music that sets the scene..
This piece of music is called "Charly the kid" and is about the middle of the move when Charly and her dad are on the run from the authority's and they make it to the hideaway. Unfortunately , the authority's catch up with them and things get a little crispy.. A moving piece of music.. Enjoy.

Mesmerizing.. CLICK HERE to download "Firestarter" soundtrack.Massive thanks to for the link .. cheers

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

EDDIE MURPHY - party all the time ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... When actors decide to start a singing career it will either work or it will fail. David Hasselhoff tried and failed with "hooked on a feeling" ( well, i didn't like it ) but Kylie Minogue was pretty good. Eddie Murphy's attempt is pretty good depending on who you ask.. I like this song, its snappy, upbeat and a feel good song with guest appearances from Rick James ( the dude with the golden locks ). This song was also written and produced by Rick so it was only fitting he was in the video."Party all the time" was let loose on the general population in 1985 and went straight to no2 on the U.S music charts. In 1989 Eddie had a minor hit with" put your mouth on me" which sounded like a cross between Prince and Milli Vanilli. ( my opinion )
To keep the vibe going in 2006 the band "Deep Dish" did a dance version of the song know as P.A.T.T. ( party all the time ).  Brilliant sounds.

EDDIE MURPHY - party all the time.

EDDIE MURPHY - put your mouth on me.

DEEP DISH - p.a.t.t. ( party all the time )

Love it... CLICK HERE to download 7" single.. Password = newromanticrules
Massive thanks to for the link.. Enjoy.