Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NIK KERSHAW - the best of

Hello and welcome back... I think there is something about "Nik Kershaw's" songs, there so catchy and easy to sing to. Even my 6 year old loves his music.
I chose this album because it has one of my favourite songs called "dark glasses", this song should have been a single and is my pick of the album. Also on this album is "wouldn't be good", "the riddle", "won't let the sun go down on me", & "wide boy".
Nik is best know for the video where an moving image is transferred onto his suit. First time this technology was ever used. see if you can pick, from which video. cheers
Track listings are =

1 = wouldn't it be good.

2 = the riddle

3 = dark glasses

4 = don quixote

5 = monkey business

6 = when a heart beats

7 = city of angels

8 = dancing girls

9 = progress

10 = i wont let the sun go down on me ( love this song )

11 = so quiet

12 = radio musicola

13 = she cries

14 = nobody knows

15 =cloak and dagger

16 = wide boy

17 = one of our fruit machine's are missing

18 = human racing

Bring back the mullet.. CLICK HERE to download.. make a note of the password, you may need it.
Massive thanks to for the link ( don't forget to say thanks ).. cheers.

NIK STILL HAS IT - concert in 2008  ( wouldn't it be good )

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