Monday, June 6, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Came across this track while looking for another song, love the deep bass synths, sounds excellent... think it's done in German?.
The main person in this band is "Patrick Demeyer" who is also know for his work on 90s bands "Technotronic", "T99" and "2 Unlimited" he also seems to have a fetish for statues and mannequins as seen in this video (kinky)
On a personal note , I've been fighting a  nasty cold/flu and have slowed down my posts.. i hate winter and with all the injury's i have.. it's a living hell.. good thing i have great music to listen to.. cheers


Excellent... CLICK HERE to download cd single ( make a note of the password on the new romantic rules website, you may need it ).. HUGE thanks to for the links.

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