Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Seeing that the end of the world is nigh.. I thought I would leave you with this song... personally I love this.. although some people would rather forget it... The reynold girls are a prodigy of stock, aitken & waterman and the download on offer is a 3 disc album of all their ( saw ) best stuff including "dead or alive", "banarama", "kylie", "divine" and the list goes on .... its a chunky download but its worth it..

REYNOLD GIRLS - I'D RATHER JACK  (Thanks to stephen9478 for the video)

Sooo Cheeezy... CLICK HERE to download "stock,aitken & waterman.. gold", then click on either rapidshare logo or mediafire.. it will be time consuming because there is time restrictions on free users but its worth it. HUGE thanks to for the links.

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