Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello and welcome back.. Around 1983-84 a new style was coming out of America with funky music and these amazing moves.. put it all together and you have "Breakdancing" add to that Movies like "Breakin"  and "Breakdance" ( the movie ) add artists like "Irene Cara", "Ollie & Jerry" & "The Rock Steady Crew" and your ready to make some moves. All you needed was a boom box and a smooth surface and you were set.
 I tried breakdancing when I was at school and nearly did just that.. break something.. my neck. but it was fun.
 Both the movies had soundtracks which were chocked full of dance and hip hop- electro funk classics.. re-live what I can no longer do.. Breakdance

UPDATE 30/08/2013 - Download Breakdance Mixtape HERE


OLLIE & JERRY - there's no stopping us

IRENE CARA - breakdance

BREAKIN - turbo broom dance

Excellent moves...  CLICK HERE to download "electro breakdance" 1 & 2 ... enjoy

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