Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hello and welcome back..

Italian songstress Sabina ( Sabrina Salerno ) graced our screens back in 1987 with the hit "Boys".
The video to this song caused a huge controversy due to the fact that she was wearing a swimming costume that seemed to have a mind of its own.. so due to that, this video was banned in the U.K until it was edited.
It is one of the most downloaded video clips ever shown ( 14 million and counting ).
Apart from the eye candy, the song is quiet catchy and the album ( Sabrina ) also had the hit "sexy girl" which was also a huge hit.....Belissima




Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Aaaahhhh the memories.
This is my first CD i ever brought.
The sound was so clear and crisp.. It was digital at its best.
The album "Invisible Touch" was set free in 1986 by the band "Genesis" who with Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford ( Mike and the Mechanics ) sold over 15 million copies and made it to #1 in the UK and #3 in America.
The album had the hits "Invisible Touch", "Land of Confusion", "In too Deep" and "Anything she Does".
My pick of the album would be "The Brazilian" with its slathering of synths and the raw sound of the electric drums..Its the ultimate eargasm.
"Invisible touch" is, in my view, one of the best 80s albums ever released.. Make sure you play it loud, Incredible sound. Track listings are =

1 = Invisible Touch

2 = Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

3 = Land of Confusion

4 = In too Deep

5 = Anything she Does

6 = Domino / Glow of the Night ( live )

7 = Throwing it all Away

8 = The Brazilian ( live )


Monday, April 18, 2011

SOUNDS LIKE THE 80S - todays songs that sound like yesterday

Hello and welcome back... Music is a huge part of my life and I am often looking for new music. Alot of new music sounds very 80s and is often a fresh alternative to crap that is played over and over by radio stations. This is my favorite top 10 of  newish songs that have a 80s flavor.

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###UPDATE## 1/08/2014 = An Audio version is now available LISTEN / DOWNLOAD HERE

Number1 = GRUM - Through the Night..to me, sounds like human league ( the video even looks 80s)

Number 2 = DURAN DURAN - Being Followed...to me sounds like Duran Duran ( obviously ) Hold back the Rain, My own Way.

Number 3 = OU EST LE SWIMMING POOL - The Key... to me sounds like O.M.D., Erasure

Number 4 = ROYSKOPP  - Girl and the Robot... sounds like Animotion ( obsession )

Number 5 = BAG RAIDERS - Way back Home... to me sounds like New Order

Number 6 = THE QUADRAPHONIC ALL STARS - New York...to me sounds like Gary Numan, Human League

CLICK HERE to visit website.. i used audacity while listening to the music player ; ) .. they are also on itunes

Number 7 = ELEGANT MACHINERY - Feel the Silence ...to me sounds like Depeche Mode

Number 8 = MARSHEAUX - Popcorn... to me sounds like Hot Butter ( popcorn ).. funny bout that.

Number 9 = SHINY TOY GUNS - Major Tom ...to me sounds like Peter Shilling.

Number 10 = ROBYN - Indestructible...to me sounds like Berlin

So much great music ... so little time,

DOWNLOAD these songs and more HERE from my Mixtape series ... hope you liked..

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hello and welcome back... In 1989, it became quiet fashionable to wear your gym wear as your normal attire.
Collette ( Collette Roberts ) did this very well, dancing hi-energy in her bike pants and bra top, she released "Ring my Bell" ( an Anita ward cover ).
I don't mind this song, it's very catchy with the acid sound that was popular around this era.
She also had another song which did well called "All i want to do is Dance" and came of the same album "Raze the Roof".




Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MI-SEX - 79-85 ( best of )

Hello and welcome back... Yet another band that had heavy presence on countdown, Mi-sex was a New Zealand/Australian new wave band that had a huge hit called "computer games"... I found this album in the Virgin megastore in Sydney 1988 and has always been a big favorite of mine. Its chocked with hits like "but you don't care", "castaway", "falling in and out", "people", "computer games", "space race" and my pick of the album would be "blue day" with its moody synths and the amazing voice of Steve Gilpin.The band continued till 1984 then disbanded then Steve was working with a band called "under rapz". In 1992 Steve was involved in a car accident and lapsed into a coma and died. The album 79-85 is a collection of 3 albums... "graffiti crimes", "space race" and "shanghaied" and even has a best of song called "non stop sex" ...
Track listings are =

1 = graffiti crimes

2 = but you don't care

3 = castaway

4 = down the line ( video starts 10 secs )

5 = falling in and out

6 = people

7 = lost time

8 = shanghaied

9 = computer games

10 = it only hurts when I'm laughing

11 = space race

12 = only thinking

13 = blue day

14 - non stop sex

Excellent album .... CLICK HERE to download album... cheers

Friday, April 8, 2011

MEO245 - SCREEN MEMORY (lost band)

Hello and welcome back... Countdown was an Australian music show back in the 80s, kinda similar to "top of the pops" in the U.K and was the platform for most bands to gain exposure.One of those bands was Meo245 ( named after a catalog number for German imported Beatles album ) who was a Tasmanian new wave band before moving to Melbourne and could be classed as a "one hit wonder" band. The album screen memory was set free in 1980 and had the hit "lady love". My pick of the album would be "other places" with its twangy guitars and smooth synths, For me... this is one of those albums that is excellent from start to finish and has a sound that envelops classic Australian  music, in a nutshell... its brilliant. In 1983 the band disbanded and the synth player went on to play in the band " the little heroes " ( one perfect day ).
Track listings are =

1 = other places

2 = jewels

3 = burning bridges

4 = promises

5 = closing in

6 = white lies

7 = will he ever

8 = so far away

9 = generator

10 = wrong world

11 = lady love

LITTLE HEROES - one perfect day   1982

So many memories... CLICK HERE to Download & listen to songs from this album and more from my Mixtape series.....Cheers


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

HOUSE OF LOVE - shine on ( lost hit )

Hello, welcome back.. In late 89 i was involved in a nasty car accident ( SEE HERE ) and spent alot of time listening to the radio... this song came on quiet often and i actually rang the radio station wondering what it was called ... to sum it up, its very catchy.. more guitar driven than synth which sometimes is a refreshing break. The band is from the U.K and had a kinda psychedelic sound to it and the song "shine on" was from the album fontana ( butterfly album ) and reached top 20. Hope you enjoy


Brilliant song ... CLICK HERE to download " the best of house of love " many thanks to killingmoonmusic.blogspot for the links ( click the mp3@320 link then press continue ) .. cheers

Friday, April 1, 2011

KIM WILDE - singles collection

Hi and welcome back... A good friend commented the other day about this site saying that he thought it lacked a sexy vibe.. "Put someone hot" on your site, he stated... so it got me thinking, who's from the 80s, sing well and looks "hot"... then it came to me, "Kim Wilde". When "kids in America" came out in 1981 ... i was in love, i was only 11 but she was amazing,and her voice was something else, throughout the 80s Kim kept going with "keep me hanging on" and later had "love is holy" ( 90s ) and i think she is still singing to this day. I was lucky enough to see her live a few years ago and yes, she still is amazing. One song not on the compilation is a b side called "stone" which i think should be a single and will add the video below ( it was b side to "keep me hanging on" .. i think )... so to Steve, one of my readers.. enjoy.
 Track listings are =
1 = kids in america

2 = chequered love

3 = water on glass ( live ).. not on album

4 = cambodia

5 = view from a bridge

6 = child come away

7 = love blond

8 = the second time

9 = rage to love

10 = keep me hanging on

STONE - live ... ( not on album .. should be )

11 = another step

12 = you came

YOU CAME 2006 VERSION ( wow ) - not on album

13 = never trust a stranger

14 = four letter word

15 = love is holy

16 = if i can't have you

17 = in my life

Absolutely stunning ... CLICK HERE to Download or listen to songs from this album and more from my Mixtape series ....cheers