Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello and welcome back... Back in the late 80s one of my favorite pastimes was to go visit various record stores around Sydney.
One of those suburbs was Strathfield, NSW which was also on my way home from work, it had a great record store in the plaza.

This is where I came across this album.

Basically if you like "New Order" you would like this band. Its a great album to dance to.

Let loose in 1989 it had the singles "Insect", "Gas Stop" and "Lelore". My favorite track would be "Freemason" with its pulsating beats and happy synth melody's ... makes me want to dance but I don't think my hip will let me.. lesson for everyone = " don't get old " haha...   A10/10 Album

 Track listings are =

1 = GAS STOP   (Thanks to TheBlazer134 for the video)

2 = INSECT   (Thanks to ohnoitisnathan8 for the video)

3 = VERTIGO  (Thanks to electrodojo for the video)

4 = FREEMASON   (Thanks to newbeat2012 for the video)

5 = COMET  (Thanks to Javi Alapont for the video)

6 = HIT AND RUN  (Thanks to Goobiskiioblact for the video)

7 = 900 HOURS   (Thanks to MrCarlosUK for the video)

8 = LELORE       (Thanks to malcolmturnbull for the video)

9 = CRUEL TO YOU   (Thanks to Goobiskiioblact for the video)

10 = THIS IS THE TOWN    ( Thanks to Goobiskiioblact for the video)

Love this band, Don't know why they weren't bigger than they were ....CLICK HERE to Download songs from this album & more from my Mixtape series ... enjoy



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  1. At last, found somebody else who loved this album ! I've also got this and the Insect, Freemason and Lelore 12"ers ! Keep up the great work

  2. thanks heaps, appreciate the feedback.


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