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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pet shop boys - introspective

Hello and welcome back - In the late 80s i was lucky enough to go to World Expo 88 in Brisbane Australia... I had just turned 18 so i thought i would go to a nightclub and remember walking in to a packed room with the pet shop boys playing "always on my mind". The sound was amazing...
Introspective was let loose in 1988 and is mainly various song that had a dance feel to them.. There is only 6 songs but sometimes as in this case its enough to not get bored as each song goes for 6 - 8 minutes. The album had hits like "left to my own devices" and "domino dancing".My favorite song would have to be "always on my mind" with its sweeping synths and throbbing beats its best played LOUD
Track lists are =
 1 = left to my own devices

2 = i want a dog

3 = domino dancing

4 = i'm not scared

5 = always on my mind

6 = its alright

AAHHHH... I miss my nightclubbing days CLICK HERE to Download "Pet Shop Boys" and more from my Mixtape series .... Enjoy

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Twins - A wild romance

Hello and welcome back ... No this band is not the Thompson twins, this band is from Germany. I first heard this band when i borrowed this cassette from the library and is one of my most loved for classic synth bands.There are no twins in the band but came up with the name for 2 people in a band ( confused ? ).The album "a wild romance" was released in 1983 and had hits like "love system" and "not the loving kind". my favourite has to be "men of destiny" with its sweeping synths and funky electric drums. Pure Bliss
Track listings are =
 1 = love system

2 =ballet dancer

3 =a wild romance

4 = private eye ( live ) not on album

5 = facts of love ( live )

6 = criminal love

 7 = not the loving kind

8 = must have her back

9 = why don't you

10 = men of destiny

11 = between the woman and you

They sound pretty good live, don't you think... CLICK HERE to Download "Not the Loving Kind" and more from my Mixtape series..... Enjoy

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dead or alive - youthquake

Hello and greetings... Another of my favorite band of the 80s was "Dead or Alive". Before I got my car license I used to walk everywhere and I had brought a aiwa Walkman ( almost sounded as good as a cd ) and one of my favorite tapes was this album... The quality of the recording is excellent with good bass and crisp highs ( i think it was recorded on chrome ).
Formed by stock aitken waterman, this was there first group to hit number 1 after it was released in march 1985.. "spin me round" (like a record )  was a huge song along with my "my heart goes bang"  and they have a huge following in japan.. my favorite song would have to be "big daddy of the rhythm" with its electric synths and smooth vocals it one of the best ( sounding )albums of the 80s.

Track listings are  =
1 = You Spin me Round ( like a record )

2 = I Wanna be a Toy

3 = D.J. Hit that Button

4 = in too deep

5 = Big Daddy of the Rhythm

6 = Cake and Eat it

7 = Lover Come Back to Me

8 = My Heart goes Bang

9 = Its Been a Long Time

One of the "Hit Factory's" finest, an Amazing album.

CLICK HERE  to Download "Dead or Alive" and more from my Mixtape series.......Enjoy

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello and welcome back... Back in the late 80s one of my favorite pastimes was to go visit various record stores around Sydney.
One of those suburbs was Strathfield, NSW which was also on my way home from work, it had a great record store in the plaza.

This is where I came across this album.

Basically if you like "New Order" you would like this band. Its a great album to dance to.

Let loose in 1989 it had the singles "Insect", "Gas Stop" and "Lelore". My favorite track would be "Freemason" with its pulsating beats and happy synth melody's ... makes me want to dance but I don't think my hip will let me.. lesson for everyone = " don't get old " haha...   A10/10 Album

 Track listings are =

1 = GAS STOP   (Thanks to TheBlazer134 for the video)

2 = INSECT   (Thanks to ohnoitisnathan8 for the video)

3 = VERTIGO  (Thanks to electrodojo for the video)

4 = FREEMASON   (Thanks to newbeat2012 for the video)

5 = COMET  (Thanks to Javi Alapont for the video)

6 = HIT AND RUN  (Thanks to Goobiskiioblact for the video)

7 = 900 HOURS   (Thanks to MrCarlosUK for the video)

8 = LELORE       (Thanks to malcolmturnbull for the video)

9 = CRUEL TO YOU   (Thanks to Goobiskiioblact for the video)

10 = THIS IS THE TOWN    ( Thanks to Goobiskiioblact for the video)

Love this band, Don't know why they weren't bigger than they were ....CLICK HERE to Download songs from this album & more from my Mixtape series ... enjoy


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Friday, December 3, 2010

Pseudo Echo - autumnal park

Welcome back.... another of my favourite bands of the 80s is Pseudo echo, there's something about certain bands that give them the edge and this is one of them.. heavy use of electric drums and crafty synths make this album stand out... kinda raw sound  before they went commercial and Bryan Canhams smooth vocals are a standout. I have been lucky enough to not only see this amazing band live but to meet bryan and dribble ( kinda like that scene in Wayne's world when they meet Alice cooper.. we're not worthy , i'm not worthy, i suck.. haha )
Autumnal park was set free in 1984 and contained  hits like "listening", "a beat for you" and "destination unknown".My favourite track has to be "stranger in me", i love the way the electric drums sound like a whip cracking and lyrics you can sing to.Track list is =

1 = autumnal park

2 = beat for you

3 = see through

4 = from the shore

5 = stranger in me ( live )

6 = dancing until midnight

7 = listening

8 = his eyes ( warning- horror gore )

9 = walkaway

10 = fast cars ( live )

11  = destination unknown

12 = in their time

13 = turning the pages

14 = scripts
CLICK HERE to Download "Listening" and more from my Mixtape series..... Enjoy

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tears for fears - The hurting

Hello and welcome back...O.K brace yourself , time to get emotional, If there was ever a album with a meaning it would have to be this one.
To me this album is a mix of sadness and grief but kinda has a light at the end of the tunnel thru the music.
Not every child had a great upbringing and even now that the pain has gone, the memories are still there like it was yesterday..You may forgive but you don't forget, and it helps when artists like "Tears for Fears" express this in their music as a kind of outlet and to know that myself and others were not alone.
"The hurting" was released in march 1983 by band "Tears for fears" who got there name by a way of a practice called Primal Therapy, developed by the American psychologist Arthur Janov
This album shot to number1 in the U.K and had the songs "Mad World", "Change" and my favorite "Pale Shelter" which is kinda like a love song, referring to ones parents rather than about a girl.. I love the twangy guitars and soothing synths.. Its like a breath of fresh air.
Track listings are =










A brilliant and emotional album. Clink on the links to watch videos and click HERE to download album  ... enjoy!/TEARSFORFEARS