Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Hello and welcome back... Wicked song this.

Released in 1981, Japanese Boy was a one hit wonder from 'Aneka' (aka Scottish singer 'Mary Sandeman') which made it to #1 in the U.K music charts.

I wonder if she ever found him?


Friday, June 15, 2018


Hello and welcome back... Something for the weekend

This is the 1983 Japanese version of 'Cyndi Lauper - She's So Unusual' album.

The sound quality is palpable, so crisp and it only cost me $1 at my local Salvos store. I love this album but didn't have it in my collection, was surprised when i got it home to read that it was made in Japan. (Sadly no OBI)... Whats an OBI?  Click Here

'She's So Unusual' made it to #1 in Canada & #3 in Australia (#4 U.S, #13 in U.K) and spawned 6 singles inc Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Time After Time, She Bop, All Through The Night & Money Changes Everything.
My fav track being originally a song by Prince 'When You Were Mine'... Wicked Sound.


01. Money Changes Everything
02. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
03. When You Were Mine
04. Time After Time
05. She Bop
06. All Through The Night
07. Witness
08. I'll Kiss You
09. He's So Unusual
10. Yeah Yeah



File is in AAC 320kbps from CD, sound quality is everything.

(Convert AAC to MP3 Click Here) if you really have to...

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Thursday, June 14, 2018


Hello and welcome back... Wicked Track

Released in 1989 from the 'We Too Are One' album (Track 3) came this 'Roxette' sounding track (well, i think it sounds like It).

I found this album at my local Salvos store for $1 (half price day). Not really into Eurythmics later stuff but this opened my eyes, glad i found it.

What makes this track have that 'interesting' sound is the squeaks and blips of a synth throughout the song, giving that electronic lushness that i like, its still a rock song and a good one at that.





Other stand out tracks on this album are 'Don't Ask Me Why' & 'Revival'.

Its not a bad album (made it to #1 in the U.K. music charts) but was to be Eurythmics last album before Annie Lennox went solo with the album 'Diva' in 1992.

Eurythmics formed again in 1999 with the album 'Peace'


Thursday, June 7, 2018


Hello and welcome back... I'M Turning Japanese and i like it.

No, not me. I'm talking about Japanese issued CDs

I love everything about Japan, their culture, their technology and their yummy food.

CDs issued in Japan usually represents the best you can get, sound quality & build quality.

I have only one Japanese Issued CD at the moment which is 'Roxette Greatest Hits' (no OBI) but the CD booklet is in Japanese

There is sometimes a few problems with Japan Issued CDs.

One is cost. Some CDs sell for double, even triple the cost of a normal CD. This is usually because of the demand for something that is high quality.
The other problem is Time. It can take about 1 month (sometimes longer) to get your CD sent to you.

I am currently waiting on a Japan issued CD (Dead or Alive - Youthquake). Once i get it, i will share with you guys. (hopefully)
Also i hope that this CD will be the first one in my collection with a OBI Strip.

What is a OBI Strip I hear you ask?

An OBI Strip is the tiny piece of paper on the CD cover with a bit of information about the said CD

Looking at the pic above, the OBI strip (on the left hand side) is like a sash of authenticity and will often add value to your CD

The second thing is on the top left. The BSCD2 tag.
What is BSCD2?
It means its a Blue Spec CD Ver2.
Blue Spec is a Sony invention. On most western CDs, a process called Red Book (Red Laser) is used in the writing to the CD.
Blue spec is where a Blue Laser is used producing more precise grooves in a CD which, according to Sony, reduces distortion during playback.
Version 2 is a Blu-spec CD format which employs a more precise BD cutting machine, a master disc that is made from the same smooth material as silicon wafers for chip manufacture, and a different recording layer material for the master disc. Sony refers to this process as "Phase Transition Mastering"

Another thing you often see on Japanese made CDs is "HMCD" mark, this is often found on a Toshiba/JVC branded CDs.
HMCDs is an improved CD product with the greatest change being a different polycarbonate material that allows more precise physical representation of stored bits during pressing and less laser scatter during reading.
These improvements aim to facilitate playback by producing fewer errors and potentially better sound quality.

Both formats will play on a normal CD player


Japan Issued versions of Flac or MP3/AAC can also be hard to get your hands on. One album i have in my collection is "Madonna - True Blue" which i will share with you.
I noticed straight away the difference in sound quality between the normal CD version of the album and the AAC Japan Version.
The Japanese version sounds more crisp and vibrant but i will let you make up your own mind, if you can, leave it in the AAC file format, I find that if you change music to MP3, you lose on quality.


Track List
01. Papa Don't Preach
02. Open Your Heart
03. White Heat
04. Live To Tell
05. Where's The Party
06. True Blue
07. La Isla Bonita
08. Jimmy Jimmy
09. Love Makes The World Go Round
10. True Blue (The Color Mix)
11. La Isla Bonita (Extended Remix)



I Hope to share some more Japan Issued albums with you shortly.

The sound quality is nothing short of Palpable.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

TOP OF THE POPS - 1984 (The Story of 1984)

Hello and welcome back... 1984 was the best year for music and while in Australia, we watched 'Countdown', In the U.K they had 'Top of The Pops'