Thursday, May 24, 2018


Hello and welcome back... 4 Major singles from this album, how good is that?

Fresh from the New Romantic movement, "Kids in the Kitchen" was an Australian band which I often refer to as "haircut bands" because many band members worked as hairdressers by day, then musicians at night, keeping that fresh out of the salon look.

Other Aussie bands I refer to as well, are Pseudo Echo, Real Life & Dear Enemy.

 The album "Shine" was Kids in the Kitchen's first album and it was Huge.. it scored 4 1985 hit singles being Change in Mood, Something That You Said, Current Stand and "Bitter Desire"which is my pick of the album, with its danceable beats, the amazing voice of Scott Carne and a magic brass section in the middle of the song that sends chills down my spine and goosebumps everywhere else.

A classic sample of Australian 80's synth..


01. Shine
02. Current Stand
03. Change In Mood
04. Place To Go
05. Cynical
06. Something That You Said
07. Bitter Desire
08. My Life   
09. Not The Way
10. How Come?

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