Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Must admit, I've never heard of this song till the other day.

Released in 1986, 'Best Adventures' was track #1 on the album 'The Formula'

Apart from having a killer sound, Best adventures relies heavy on that Drum Sound due to the fact there are 2 drum kits used in this track.
You will find this track in the 80s TV series 'Miami Vice' (episode - Red Tape) (S3 E19)

Lead singer of the band 'Thinkman' is 'Rupert Hine', a well know U.K singer, musician and producer.
Some of the artists Rupert has produced for =
Tina Turner
Howard Jones
The Fixx
Thompson Twins
Stevie Nicks
Chris de Burgh
Suzanne Vega

In fact, Thinkman is Rupert Hine (solo project but presented as a group) with actors used in TV performances such as Top of the Pops.

Many thanks to 80s on Speed website for opening my eyes (and ears) to this amazing track/album because in Australia, Thinkman / Rupert Hine was never heard.



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