Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Hello and welcome back... New segment on Electronic80s called 'Classix Albums'

What is Classix Albums?

Classix Albums are albums that I like.. I can listen to the album from first track till the end with no bad songs in-between.

A Classic Album may have been an album that was popular back in the 80s but just because it had a few hit songs, but it doesn't make it a Classix Album.

The Australian market was different to the U.K or American market so some albums you may not have heard before... Enjoy, You may stumble across something new.

*** UPDATE*** Look for the link on the page so you can have a listen... Im using dropbox..
When the popup says to sign in, sroll down the bottom where it says 'No Thanks, Continue to Download' then go to top right corner and click Download.

File is in AAC format (i use iTunes) The sound quality is better than MP3..

The download file will only last for 1 week, to save on space.  GET IN QUICK

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