Monday, May 2, 2016


Hello and welcome back..... Prob one of the best concerts iv seen in a long time.

Sounding absolutely amazing, lead vocalist 'Aimee Mann' at her best while the rest of the band never miss a beat....

Somebody asked me the other day.."Why do you love the 80s so much"... listening and watching concerts like this one, you can beat it, both for song writing and sound.. Its perfection...

Such an amazing sound... Play Loud


Massive thanks to Punk & New Wave on MV for the video..


0:00:00 - Maybe Monday
0:04:07 - Love In A Vacuum
0:07:45 - Boy
0:11:52 - Enough To Save You
0:16:27 - Just Like Me
0:19:59 - Winning The War
0:23:49 - You Know The Rest
0:27:36 - No More Crying
0:32:17 - Learning You By Heart
0:35:52 - Don't Watch Me Bleed
0:39:24 - What About Love
0:43:09 - Voices Carry

#Til Tuesday

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