Friday, August 28, 2015


Hello and welcome back.... Most people know this band as 'Icehouse' but before the name change they were known as 'Flowers'

The track 'Icehouse' was from the album of the same name and was released back in 1980.

The haunting synths and clear cut vocals of Iva (real name 'Ivor') Davis make this song even more appealing as it tells a story of a place called 'The Icehouse'...

'The Icehouse' was a 2 story house in inner Sydney (Lindfield) that even in summer was ice cold.
An interview from Iva who lived in the house and was studying Oboe at the time, told of a strange vibe from the house. "In a space of 6 months, 3 people were found dead on the front lawn, 2 people who live upstairs were committed and after Iva moved out, the guy who took his room went insane in 3 months"
If that wasn't bad enough, across the road was a half way house for psychiatric people and a old mansion few doors down found 3 old ladies had died, one after the other.

Enough to write a song about? Its called 'The Icehouse'


******* NEW ALBUM HAS BEEN RELEASE.... ICEHOUSE - LIVE (One for the collection) ***



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