Monday, June 29, 2015


Hello and welcome back... Love this track, such an amazing sound...
Canadian band 'STREETHEART' released this killer track back in 1982.
In 1975, vocalist Ken Shields, Daryl Gutheil (synths) and Ken Sinnaeve (bass) formed the band Wascana. After being renamed Witness, they then went through another name change when guitarist Paul Dean and drummer Matt Frenette joined... And Streetheart was born.


Thanks to GordonYYZ for the video




Sunday, June 21, 2015


Hello and welcome back... Australian electro pop masters PSEUDO ECHO have been on tour (still are) and have recently been to Nevada in the U.S playing at the Viper Room... Best part is that the live concert has been recorded and is available on CD.

If you have never heard the Pseuds play live then your in for a treat, they are one of the best sounding bands live.
The sound quality is mind blowing..

The vid below is a small snippet of what their live performance is like but on the CD, the sound quality is 100x better... Well worth adding to your collection, Oh and sounds wicked played loud... The electric drums really pump.


Thanks to lollylegs71 for the video




Found this, Gives you an idea on their wicked sound.... PLAY LOUD

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Hello and welcome back... Australian band 'Solid Citizens' had this excellent hit in 1985 called 'Singing in the Shower'
Fast forward 30 or so years and the track has been re-released and is also on the compilation CD called 'Australian Pop of the 80s - Vol 4 Run to Paradise'.. well worth getting this collection, there is some great rare tracks that sound amazing after a digital cleanup including this track.

Such a classic song.. Love it


This is a 2015 re-mastered version of Solid Citizens' hit 'Singing in the shower' featuring a young Danielle Spencer in the Psycho shower scene intro. Other versions of the recording were digitized from the vinyl record, and don't have the frequency range and depth this version has, which was digitized from the analogue master tape. It's from Michael Walker's EP 'Now and then' which can be purchased on iTunes. Michael was the co-founding member of Solid Citizens and lead singer. Michael was inspired to write the song after hearing a Thursday Island family sitting out on their Brisbane verandah, singing their hearts out for all the world to hear. Glen Muirhead and John Barns co-wrote the song. Michael Walker and Glen Muirhead recorded the song at the Manor Studios UK with Mike Shipley and Mark Goldenberg producing. John Whitteron and the K team produced and directed the film clip.



Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hello and welcome back... Something a bit different, Lego Roxette - It must of been Love from Perth (Western Australia)

Very clever


Many Thanks to Aaron Gibson for the video

Now, The real Roxette - Live in Concert (Traveling the World Tour Full Concert)  (2014)

Thanks to ELRINCONDELPOETA for the video

1. "Dressed for Success"  
2. "Sleeping in My Car"  
3. "The Big L"  
4. "Silver Blue"  
5. "Stars"  
6. "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)"  
7. "Perfect Day"  
8. "Things Will Never Be The Same"  
9. "It Must Have Been Love"  
10. "It's Possible"  
11. "7Twenty7"  
12. "Fading Like a Flower"  
13. "Crash! Boom! Bang!"  
14. "How Do You Do!"  
15. "Dangerous"  
16. "Joyride"  
17. "Spending My Time"  
18. "The Look"  
19. "Listen to Your Heart"  
20. "Church of Your Heart"  


Monday, June 8, 2015


Hello and welcome back... Viewers who love the 80s movie 'Revenge of the Nerds' & 'Last American Virgin' will instantly recognize this song.
U.S band Gleaming Spires (founded by Les Bohem and David Kendrick) had this one and only hit with originally a B-Side called Sex Girls (Are you Ready) and was from the album 'Songs from the spires'
Several members of Gleaming Spires were also members of bands like 'Sparks' and 'Devo'
Oh, and if you were expecting the video to contain sexy girls... Forget it. Anyone for meringue?


Thanks to onlyalad for the video


Are you ready for the sex girls?
The hot, hot, lean, hot, big hot girls?
Are you ready for the sex girls?
The right, right, ultra-vital nice-nice girls?

They play pool in your house, take off their own clothes
They can talk about love, they know where it goes
They are women without any faults…

Are you ready for the pony girls?
The ride, ride, fast, ride, pony girls?
Are you ready for the lonely girls?
The sad, sad, oh, sad lonely girls?

They've got time on their hands, they've got skin like seals
They can talk about love, they know how it feels
They are women without any faults

One comes over
Then they all come over
Then they party all around your house
One gets too romantic
One is kinda frantic
One stays quiet as a mouse

Bikinis gleaming in the morning light
You might lose your life
They go crazy in the bedroom, baby
And they might explode your mind!

Are you ready for the sex girls?
The fine, fine, super-special real sex girls?
Are you ready for the best girls?
The knees-showin', knees-showin', big-breast girls?

There's that knock on your door and they're there in your house
If you can't talk love you better get out
These are women without any faults

And they are never accidental
And the party never ends
So close your eyes and make a wish
The sex girls will be there!

Are you ready for the sex girls?
Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex!

Are you ready for the sex girls?
The hot, hot, lean, hot, big hot girls?
Are you ready for the sex girls?
The hot, hot, lean, hot, big hot girls?
There's that knock on your door they have come back again
If you can't talk love you'd better pretend
These are women without any faults

Are you ready for the sex girls?
The hot, hot, lean, hot, big hot girls?
Are you ready for the sex girls?
The hot, hot, lean, hot, big hot girls?

There's that knock on your door, now you just gotta learn
Don't whine about love, every boy gets a turn
With these women without any faults

Are you ready for the sex girls?
No one is ready for the sex girls!
Are you ready for the sex girls?
No one is ready for the big sex girls


Monday, June 1, 2015


Hello and welcome back.... During the 80s in Australia, various compilation albums were released.

These compilations were the hottest thing to own.

Albums like '1982 with a Bullet', '1984 Shakin', 1987 'Right on Track' and 1989 'The Right Stuff' to name a few.

Well, one legend of a guy has not only compiled all the albums for you to listen to but has also compiled all the videos as well... How cool is that?

Relive the magic that was the pinnacle of the 80s... check out his site here =

The collection starts at 1974 (Explosive Hits) and ends at 1991 (Wiggle and Sweat)

A few albums to listen to .. (remember these)


1974 - Explosive Hits
1974 - Bobby Dazzler
1975 - Explosive Hits
1975 - Screamer
1975 - Whopper
1976 - Ripper
1977 - Scorcher
1977 - Ripper
1978 - Hitwave
1978 - Choc-o-Block
1978 - Disco Dazler
1979 - Knockout
1979 - Bacon and Eggs
1979 - Sizzler
1979 - Bullseye

1980 - Red Alert
1980 - Full Boar
1980 - Summer Gold
1980 - The Music
1980 - Squeezed Out
1980 - Gone Troppo
1980 - Starcall
1980 - The Summer
1981 - Straight Ahead
1981 - Hitwave
1981 - Prime Cuts
1981 - The Sound
1981 - Over the Top
1981 - Rocks On
1982 - The Winners
1982 - Up in Lights
1982 - Out of the Blue
1982 - In the Sun
1982 - With a Bullet
1983 - The Hot Ones
1983 - Go For It
1983 - Summer Breaks
1983 - Thru the Roof
1983 - The Breakers
1984 - The Music
1984 - Throbbin
1984 - Hits Huge
1984 - Shakin
1985 - Choose (1985)
1985 - Lets go
1985/86 - Just Hits
1986 - All the Hits
1986 - Way to Go
1986 - Out Now
1987 - Hits Out
1987 - Hots Up
1987 - Smash Hits
1987 - Hit City
1987 - Into the Groove
1987 - Summer
1987 - Right on Track
1988 - Pump it up
1988 - The Winners
1988 - Celebrate
1988 - Summer
1989 - Hits now
1989 - Be Happy
1989 - Hits of 89 (vol 1)
1989 - Hits of 89 (vol 2)
1989 - Hits of 89 (vol 3)
1989 - Summer
1989 - Rock Hard
1989 - The Right Stuff

1990 - Hits of 1990 (vol 1)
1990 - Hits of 1990 (vol 2)
1990 - All the Rage
1990 - Lets do it Summer
1990 - Hot or Wot
1990 - U Cant touch This
1991 - Beat the Heat Summer
1991 - Yo lets Go
1991 - Wiggle and Sweat

Massive list, remember when you visit this amazing website, be sure to say 'HI' to OZDRDJ at the bottom of the page and if your really excited that you have found this rare gem of a page, maybe drop him a donation (top of page) or perhaps you could add to this collection?