Saturday, October 4, 2014

THATS C60 MIXTAPE SIDE A (Music Download)

Hello and welcome back... Recorded on a 'Thats' audio tape, i recorded this in the early 90s (I think) and has some rare tracks on it, so , i thought i would share with you..
** Note** I left a gap between each song (around one second) so you can use Audacity (or similar) to split into individual songs, if you wish...

Track Listing
1. Kenny Loggins - Im Free (Footloose Soundtrack)
2. Koo De Tah - Drift Away
3. Roxette - Never give you up
4. Jean Beauvoir - Never went down
5. Roxy Music - Jealous guy
6. Inspiral Carpets - This is how it Feels
7. Enya - Carribbean Blue 


KENNY LOGGINS - IM FREE     (Thanks to KennyLogginsVEVO for the video)

JEAN BEAUVOIR - NEVER WENT DOWN  (Thanks to Phive-Phivo Steve for the video)

INSPIRAL CARPETS - THIS IS HOW IT FEELS    (Thanks to MuteChannel for the video)

ENYA - CARIBBEAN BLUE  (Thanks to Warner Bros. Records for the video)


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