Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Hello and welcome back.....I first heard this song on a special on the 'New Romantic' club scene, it was being played in a nightclub while pirate shirted party goers were strutting their stuff....
 Would have loved to go to one of these clubs, I think it would have been a amazing experience.

The band 'Shock' consisted of Mime artists (Tim Dry, Barbie Wilde and Sean Crawford) which was great for that futuristic robotic look.
Also in the band were a couple of dancers (Robert Pereno, LA Richards, Karen Sparks and Carole Caplin)

The band often performed at 'The Blitz' club owned by Steve Strange (Visage) and 'Rusty Egan' (Ultravox).

Released in 1980, 'Angel Face' is a remake of 1974 song by 'The Glitter Band'

Love the 'Rawness' of this song, sounds excellent played LOUD

SHOCK - ANGEL FACE          (Thanks to R4949 for the video)



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