Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hello and welcome back.... Some more programs (Sitcoms) that I used to watch in the 80s.

These are full episodes of various sitcoms that were popular in Australia (that i can remember).

I have labeled these posts 80stv and are labeled this way so they can be found easily.
The link to this series is in the top right corner under  *** Music Downloads ****
that way if your bored or just want a nostalgic hit, its all in one place.

Something to note, when finished watching the chosen posts (on this page), a selection of other available videos are displayed in the video window of just watched video of other episodes (not all  the time).


FAMILY TIES  Series 3, Ep16    (Thanks to FilmCitrus for the video)    

THE FALL GUY - Devils Island    (Thanks to Colt Seavers for the video)

GOOD TIMES - Black Jesus   (Thanks to EnochIsrael2 for the video)

MIAMI VICE - The Dutch Oven     (Thanks to Derek Flint for the video)

CHIPS - Rock Devil Rock    (Thanks to Tintod for the video)

SOMETIMES just hearing the start theme get me all warm and gooey....


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