Monday, July 28, 2014

LA ROUX - TROUBLE IN PARADISE (Album Review) - Sounds like the 80s

Hello and welcome back.....Been listening to this album in the past week, I can't put it down. Its that good.

U.K music artist "La Roux" (Elly Jackson) second album 'Trouble in Paradise' was released in July 2014 and features 9 tracks.

Im the first to admit, I love a good melody and this album is full of stunning synth sounds, catchy lyrics and sexy vocals from Elly.

Stand out songs for me include 'Kiss and not Tell, Paradise is You, Sexotheque, Silent Partner (Sounds incredibly like Bananarama), and Let me down Gently'
Pick of the album would be track No 3 'Cruel Sexuality', with dream like 80s (pads) synths, honey like vocals.... It is what I call "The Perfect Song"..Its a powerful song.

Also not only does Elly do justice with vocals, she also plays nearly all the Synths (including those delicious string (pad) sounds) and Drum Programing amongst other things... How good is that?

For me, Its a 10/10 album...La Roux  has the Looks, Style and Sound to be this years hottest release.

1. Uptight Downtown   
2. Kiss and Not Tell      
3. Cruel Sexuality
4. Paradise is You
5. Sexotheque
6. Tropical Chancer
7. Silent Partner
8. Let me Down Gently
9. The Feeling

TROUBLE IN PARADISE - FULL ALBUM   (Thanks to Roal Music for the video)

CRUEL SEXUALITY (Live)   (Thanks to Steve Vitalidol for the video)


KISS AND NOT TELL (Live)       (Thanks to Thew Lawrence for the video)

LINKS (Features a album view on the top)

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