Thursday, June 5, 2014


Hello and welcome back.... This 1985 song by U.K musician "Paul Harcastle" made it to No1 in the music charts in 13 country's around the world.

That's pretty good for a song based on the Vietnam War.

This song was inspired by Paul after a bike accident left him bedridden for 4 months, during that time he watched a documentary called 'Vietnam Requiem', It was about Post-traumatic stress disorder suffered by veterans of war.

Add some sounds & samples from a E-mu Emulator Synth (Samples from the Documentary), add the now famous catchy 'n-n-n-n-nineteen' vocal effect  and you have the song "19"

Mike Oldfield later sued Paul Hardcastle over the similarities between this and his song "Tubular Bells.

PAUL HARDCASTLE - 19           (Thanks to explodingfirst for the video)


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