Thursday, May 1, 2014

FIRE TIGER - ENERGY (Sounds Like the 80s)

Hello and welcome back..... This song just blows my mind.

From L.A. (Los Angeles) in the U.S., "Fire Tiger" comes prowling thru the smoke with their single 'Energy'.

Band Members are Tiff Alkouri (Lead Vocals), James Ramsey (Synths), Chris Cuomo (Guitars) & Cahuenga Mango (Drums)

 Fire Tiger has been working with legendary, Grammy winning producer / engineers Tom Fletcher (Toto & Yes…) and Keith Olsen (Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac & Rick Springfield…)

This is seriously good music... I love it  10/10 


Fire Tiger strives through new, original songs to bring classic musicality back to the mainstream, combining rock and pop with a mixture of past and future…

The song 'Energy' is from a 10 track vinyl record album (Also available on iTunes and Amazon..Check links below) and will also be featured in "Sounds like the 80s" Vol 6 coming up soon on Electronic 80s (Link Below)


SORRY - Coulnt go past this....

FIRE TIGER LIVE - ENERGY  (Check out that Keytar.. Awesomeness right there)

Thanks to Fire Tiger & Tiff James for the photos & Videos



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