Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hello and welcome back....Formed in 1988, U.K electronic band 'The Grid' had to wait until 1993 to release one of the best songs of their career... 'Swamp Thing'.
A former member of 80s band 'Soft Cell - David Ball' is a member of The Grid along with 'Richard Norris'

This song from the album 'Evolver' made it to No3 in Australia and U.K Music charts.

'Swamp Thing' is a catchy tune, mostly from the amazing sound of banjos in a dance song. They were played by folk musician ' Roger Dinsdale',.... sadly in July 2009, Rodger committed suicide.

THE GRID - SWAMP THING   (Thanks to thegridVEVO for the video)

Can you spot the Roland SH101 synth?   (One of my fav synths)

Couldn't go past this, an another song by THE GRID - TEXAS COWBOYS, also from 'Evolver'

Thanks to byte150m for the video


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