Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hello and welcome back..... American singers David Baerwald and David Ricketts (Aka David and David) released this stunning track in 1986.

'Welcome to the Boomtown' made it to No 37 in the U.S Music Charts... The band parted ways after the release of the album called 'Boomtown'

Its one of those songs that tell a story, a sad one at that... but that's life as they say.

A brilliant song with powerful lyrics, Its one of my favorites... Enjoy

DAVID AND DAVID - WELCOME TO THE BOOMTOWN  (Thanks to exDrBob1 for the video)


Miss Cristina drives a 944
Satisfaction oozes from her pores
She keeps rings on her fingers
Marble on her floor
Cocaine in her dresser
Bars on her doors

She keeps her back
Against the wall
She keeps her back
Against the wall

So I say, I say welcome
Welcome to the boomtown
Pick a habit, we got
Plenty to go around
Welcome to the boomtown
All that money makes
Such a succulent sound
Welcome to the boomtown

Handsome Kevin
Got a little off track
Took a year off from college
And he never went back
Now he smokes much too much
Got a permanent hack

Deals dope out of Denny's
Keeps a table in the back
He always listens to low ground
Always listens to low ground

[Repeat CHORUS]

Well, the ambulance arrived too late
I guess she didn't want to wait

[Repeat CHORUS]

Welcome to the boomtown
Welcome to the boomtown

SORRY - Couldn't go past this...
DAVID AND DAVID - BOOMTOWN  (Full Album)  (Thanks to Martino Savorani for the music)

1. Welcome to the Boomtown 00:00
2. Swallowed by the Cracks 5:32
3. Ain't So Easy 9:50
4. Being Alone Together 14:41
5. A Rock for the Forgotten 20:14
6. River's Gonna Rise 24:41
7. Swimming in the Ocean 29:10
8. All Alone in the Big City 33:15
9. Heroes 37:50

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