Friday, February 21, 2014

THE DREAM SEQUENCE - LETS GO (Sounds like the 80s)

Hello and welcome back..... Loving the sounds of this at the moment, 'The Dream Sequence' with
their new track 'Lets Go'
Made from Vintage Synths including Oberheim (bass and upper Arps), Jupiter 8V (Strings) and Linn Drum (80s sound setting). A vintage Yamaha Tape Deck was also used in the recording process.

There are 2 versions of 'Lets Go' .... The first is synth driven, robotic voices and sexy guitar sounds in the middle. The video is from the late 80s and features the video game from an Atari Lynx called 'Xenophobe'

The second version is, a dance number (Heavy dance beat and weird alien sounds in the middle), the video is something else with footage taken from the late 80s U.K dance show 'The Hitman and Her', (hosted by Pete Waterman from SAW*) and I think you will agree, the young lady in blue has some serious dance moves... check it out :)

THE DREAM SEQUENCE - LETS GO   (Thanks to TheDreamSequence for the videos)



* = Stock, Aitken and Waterman (Think Dead or Alive, Banarama, Kylie Minogue etc)

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