Sunday, February 9, 2014


Hello and welcome back..... From the 1987 album 'Kick', this song helped launch 'INXS' into world wide fame, even known that it was their 6th studio album.

'Never Tear us Apart' was released a year later in 1988 and was a instant hit, sexy vocals from Michael Hutchence, Sweeping synths and a music video filmed in Prague... Stunning

This song made it to No 24 in the U.K music charts, No14 in Australia and No7 In the U.S...
It was to have a sad meaning to INXS fans, After the death of Michael Hutchence in 1997, 'Never tear us Apart' was played as the coffin was lead out of St Andrews Cathedral in Sydney, NSW....

To some INXS fans, 'Never Tear us Apart' is now known as "Hutchence's anthem"....
A Chilling reminder to how fragile we really are and how quickly it can be taken away in a flash...

INXS - NEVER TEAR US APART   (Thanks to INXSVEVO for the video)


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