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Hello and welcome back..... Ever wanted to recreate the sounds used by many of the 80s synth bands?

Now you can....

From the Mini-Moog, Polysix and Oberheim synths, each one is mastered to perfection, match this to a Midi compatible controler and you have the next best thing to what was available back in the 80s.

When you think about the amount of power available in a Ipad or Tablet to what was available back then, the technology today is way more powerful, not only that, but most of these apps are written by the makers themselves including Korg, Roland and Arturia.... So why would you not want to make some sweet 80s sounds?


Like everything Arturia make, this App is top notch.
Modeled on the 1974 Oberheim SEM synth, this beast of an App is possibly my favorite
The best thing I like about this App is that using the Arpeggiator (On the far left side), you can turn any sound into a decent Arp.  It even has a built in owners manual...Sweet
Bands that used this synth include -  'Jan Hammer', 'Supertramp', '808 State', 'Vince Clarke' and 'Depeche Mode'.

Main Features

  • iPad app recreating the classic Obeheim SEM synthesizer.
  • Hundreds of sounds created by some of the best sound designers around.
  • Audiobus support (to interact with other apps).
  • Core MIDI (to control your synth from a Hardware MIDI keyboard).
  • Apple’s Inter-app audio (to work in conjunction with GarageBand and other audio apps).
  • Preset transfer and sharing via email & iTunes file transfer.
  • Preset compatibility with the Arturia SEM V Mac/PC software.
  • WIST clock sync support (to synchronize two iPads).
  • Real analog sound based on our TAE® analog modeling.
  • Voice Programmer allows for recreating the rare and classic Oberheim Eight Voice.



For me a 10/10 App

Available on Apple Ipad 2 (OS 6) and above only, Sadly no Android at the moment.....
Sells for 9.99USD / 8.99 EURO / 10.45 AUS



Made by Korg, the App 'iPolysix' recreates the sounds of  the analog 1981 polyphonic synthesizer known as the 'Polysix' synth.

Best thing I like about this app is that it comes with two Polysix units, a drum machine, and a mixer and sounds stunning...

The original Korg Polysix was used by 80s bands - 'Tears for Fears', 'China Crisis', 'Koo De Tah' and Jean Michel Jarre (just a few)


Polysix polyphonic synthesizer x 2
Analog polyphonic sequencer x 2
Sampling drum machine x 1
Analog mixer x 1

Analog modeling synthesizer
Electronic circuit modeling technology CMT (Component Modeling Technology)
 Max voice polyphony: 6 voice per 1 unit
 Expanded functionality that’s unique to iPolysix, such as VCF HPF and VCO EG Intensity
 28 types of built-in internal effects
 50 Synthesizer sounds

64 step analog polyphonic sequencer
 6 types of sequence mode

6 parts / 64 steps drum machine
 Polysix sampling sound engine
 50 Drum sounds
 Also usable as a pitched part by controlling the note

8 channel mixer with VU meters, developed on the model of the KMX-8
28 types of built-in master effects

Performance keyboard that lets you change the number of keys
Dual Kaoss Pads that support chordal performance
35 types of scale and parameter control support



For me a 9/10 App  (Wish there were more sounds)

Available on iPad mini or iPad series (iPad 2 or later is recommended)
This app is specifically for iPad. It will not work on iPhone/iPod touch.
iOS 5.1 or later
Sadly no Android at the moment.....

Sells for around $20


I use and recommend Arturia Midi Controllers

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