Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SYRIAN - RUNNER IN THE NIGHT (Sounds like the 80s)

Hello and welcome back.... Loving this at the moment..
Italian Band "Syrian" are a duo consisting of Andylab (vocals) and Voyager (Keyboards, Programming)
Syrian have a new album out called "Death of a Sun" and quiet frankly, its breathtaking....

2nd song into the album called 'Runner in the Night' and instantly its pure 80s bliss with strong hints of analogue synths and amazing lush melodies.... I simply love it.

The rest of the album is well worth a listen, I highly recommend it....

A 10/10 Album

SYRIAN - RUNNER IN THE NIGHT  (Thanks to Lorenzo Voyager fro the video)


SORRY...Couldn't go past this.... SYRIAN - DREAMING (check out the Electronic Drums Folks :))

WOW, that is so good.....

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