Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hello and welcome back..... A live set for you, Gary Numan Live @ Wembley stadium 1981....Stunning sound and visuals. Possibly the best concert of his life??, you be the judge...Enjoy

GARY NUMAN LIVE 1981  (Thanks to buginene for the video)


1  Intro Tape  
2  This Wreckage  
3  Remind Me To Smile  
4  Metal  
5  Me I Disconnect From You 
6  Complex  
7  The Aircrash Bureau  
8  Airlane 
9  M.E.  
10  Everyday I Die  
11  Films 
12  Remember I Was Vapour 
13  Trois Gymnopedies No. 1 
14  She's Got Claws  
15  Cars  
16  I Dream Of Wires  
17  I'm An Agent  
18  The Joy Circuit  
19  I Die; You Die  
20  Cry The Clock Said  
21  Tracks  
22  Down In The Park  
23  My Shadow In Vain  
24  Please Push No More  
25  Are 'Friends' Electric?
26  We Are Glass / Outro  

Gary Numan has currently a new album out at the moment called "Splinter - Songs from a Broken Mind"
Have a listen to the full album...while you can :)  (Thanks to NineInchNailsMusic2 for the music)

00:00 I Am Dust
04:09 Here In The Black
09:07 Everything Comes Down To This
13:49 The Calling
18:23 Splinter
23:52 Lost
28:31 Love Hurt Bleed
33:26 A Shadow Falls On Me
36:36 Where I Can Never Be
40:24 We're The Unforgiven
45:48 Who Are You
49:35 My Last Day

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