Monday, November 25, 2013

EUROTIX - I PLEAD INSANITY (Sounds like the 80s)

Hello and welcome back.... Loving this at the moment, Its one of those songs that won't leave my head....

From Sweden comes Synthpop / Eurodisco band "Eurotix" with their first single called 'I Plead Insanity'

Eurotix members include 'Dennis Alexis Hellstrom' on Vocals and 'Larry Forsberg' on synths.

Lush melodies, crisp vocals and sweet sounds of electronic drums... Simply Brilliant

EUROTIX - I PLEAD INSANITY (Thanks to Dennis Alexis Hellström for this stunning video)

Quote from Eurotix = "Our main goal with Eurotix is to make an album we'd enjoy listening to ourselves.
Were in this for the love of Synthpop, to have fun and if others like it too, that's a big bonus"

Work is currently underway for a debut album from Eurotix...

Swedish Synths with an 80s flavor, brilliant work guys...


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