Friday, October 18, 2013


Hello and welcome back.... As I write this, A major bushfire has broken out about 10 min away in Winmalee NSW Australia (I live in Springwood) - (Blue Mountains)....
It started yesterday afternoon and as I went to collect my 4 children from school, I was stuck about half way out to the school and that where I stayed for 2.5 hours.
Listening to my scanner radio, I heard "code red" screamed many times as houses around me were lost and roads closed.... Luck would have it, I had my camera.
I managed to make it back home but my kids were stuck on the other side of the fire and thankfully relatives were able to collect them, 24 hours later I was able to get through and give them a hug.
Being a small community, we have been devastated, saddened and helpless as 40 houses were lost and will no doubt rise as only 30% has been assessed.
The fire was started by electricity wires fallen in strong winds.

I was planning to make a mixtape for the weekend, but sadly that wont happen as I have spent time watching, worrying, listening and photographing the fires that still are going on around me, with not much sleep to be had.
Also phone/internet/power problems have caused me grief...

All my efforts have gone into my sister site -
with photos and videos being documented.

Worrying news for the weekend as a larger fire up further in the mountains has crossed to the southern side ( I live on the southern side) and is predicted to get very bad on Sunday-monday with winds and temps 35-38 deg pushing it down the mountain towards me.

So I thought I would give you a insight to whats happening in my part of the world, fingers crossed, things settle down by early next week

I will resume programing shortly :)

Cheers and stay safe

Michael Bailey


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