Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello and welcome back.... From the 1978 album "Parallel Lines" came this stunning song with an equally stunning singer "Debbie Harry"....

Released in 1979, 'Heart of Glass' made heavy use of the 'Roland CR-78 Drum Machine' .... New Technology back then.

There was controversy when this song came out because it pulled away from common rock roots and shifted towards Disco, and they used the word 'Ass', being squeaky clean late 70s, that was a no-no, and the BBC blanked it out..
(Original lyrics =  Once I had a love, it was a gas. Soon turned out, it was a pain in the ass)....

I love this song, such a good sound that still sounds good today...

BLONDIE - HEART OF GLASS  (Thanks to sheerfolly2 for the video)

BLONDIE - THE BEST OF  (Thanks to redbabylon for the video)


"Heart of Glass"
"Sunday Girl"
"Call Me"
"The Tide Is High"
"Hanging on the Telephone"
"(I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear"
"Island of Lost Souls"
"Picture This"
"Union City Blue"
"War Child" (Harrison, Harry)
"Rip Her to Shreds"
"One Way or Another"
"I'm Gonna Love You Too"
"Fade Away and Radiate"
"Atomic '98 (Xenomania Mix)"
"Atomic '98 (Tall Paul Mix)


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