Thursday, September 5, 2013

SCANDAL (Ft Patty Smyth) - THE WARRIOR (Lost Hit)

Hello and welcome back....U.S band "Scandal", released this killer song back in 1984.
'The Warrior' made it to No 7 on the music charts and featured 'Patty Smyth' on vocals, sadly just after this single saw light, the group 'Scandal' broke up and headed separate ways.

Just after the split, Patty was asked to front 'Van Halen', replacing David Lee Roth... She declined.

Patty is now married to tennis star John McEnroe (Think...Are you Serious...The Ball was OUT).

An excellent 80s song with a stunning sound.. Enjoy

SCANDAL (Ft Patty Smyth) - THE WARRIOR (thanks to Boepzahq for the video)


Sorry, (couldn,t help myself)...John McEnroe in action (Thanks to bganat for the video)

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  1. she is too hot in this picture! I mean the sexy,futuristic ,dangerous kind of hot!


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