Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hello and welcome back...... Australian band 'The Radiators' had this massive hit back in 1983.
No Tragedy made it to No27 in the Australian Music charts and came from the album "Up for Grabs"
The Rads as they are sometimes known, are fronted by some of the hardest working members in the rock industry, including lead singer Brian Nichol and Guitarist Stephen "Fess" Parker.
I say hard working because throughout the 80s, The Radiators clocked up over 2500 gigs.
They are still touring today and show no signs of slowing down.
On a personal note, I have seen this band live and only one word can describe it..."Electric"

THE RADIATORS - NO TRAGEDY  (Thanks to nzoz1983 for the video)

Another song I love.....

THE RADIATORS - DREAMING   (Thanks to DigitalStrip for the video)


Thanks to & Jim Laing (Radiators Management) for the photos

Latest lineup including Guitarist Brenton Dehn.

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