Friday, August 16, 2013

SOUNDS LIKE THE 80S VOL 3 - SIDE A (Music Download)

Hello and welcome back..... To this electronic80s special, Sounds like the 80s Vol3 Side - A

Some wicked songs including 'Tigertown', 'The Dream Sequence', 'Visage' & 'Bag Raiders'...

 Awesome sounds that have an 80s flavor But only on Electronic80s.


1. Chvrches - Gun
2. Tigertown - What you Came here For
3. The Dream Sequence - 1984 (R2 Remix)
4. Visage - She's Electric (Coming Around)
5. Kebu - To Jupiter and Back
6. Who Ha - Out Running
7. Bag Raiders - Way Back Home

CHVRCHES - GUN    (Thanks to ChvrchesVEVO for the video)

THE DREAM SEQUENCE - 1984 (R2 Remix)  (Thanks to The Dream Sequence for the video)

KEBU - TO JUPITER AND BACK      (Thanks to Kebu for the video)

BAG RAIDERS - WAY BACK HOME  (Thanks to Modular People for the video)

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