Monday, August 5, 2013


Hello and welcome back..... Elizabeth Ann Guttman (aka E.G Dailey) is probably better known as the voice of "Buttercup" in the 'Powerpuff Girls'.
Apart from that,she has been in a slather of other movies spanning from 1979 till 2012 (Wow)

What made me stand up and go YEAH... is that Elisabeth also did back up vocals for Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder's solo album (One of the best 80s albums)
(It gets better) she was also in the video for "Rod Stewart - Young Turks" as Patti, the runaway teen.....( you thought I was gonna say I was into powerpuff girls,didn't you?)

After all that she sang this Italo house? hit "Mind Over Matter", which was used in the 1987 movie 'Summer School'...Love this song, still sounds fresh and pumping... The sound of the 80s, Right here.

E.G DAILEY - MIND OVER MATTER  (thanks to rle 1111 for the video)

PHIL OAKEY & GIORGIO MORODER - BE MY LOVER NOW (thanks to chetano for the video)

ROD STEWART - YOUNG TURKS (thanks to RhinoEntertainment for the video)


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  1. she appears on SCARFACE (1983) & THIEF OF HEARTS (1984) soundtracks


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