Thursday, August 8, 2013

CHVRCHES - GUN (Sounds like the 80s) - New Music

Hello and welcome back.....Loving this band at the moment, Scottish electronic band "Chvrches"(no,its not a spelling mistake) has such an amazing fresh sound.

The band is fronted by singer/ synth player 'Lauren Mayberry' with 'Iain Cook' on synths, guitar, bass & backup vocals..... 'Martin Doherty' on synths, samplers and vocals.

The band is due to release a new 12 track album around 23rd Sept 2013 called "The Bones of What You Believe"

The song "Gun" will feature in the game 'FIFA 14'

To me, this song (and band) sound very similar to 80s band "Koo De Tah" (Think - Too young for Promises).... Even my wife who knows nothing about music said 'gee, that sounds like Koo De Tah, you know that 80s band...

 Is it me or does Lauren look about 15....People pay good money to look like that :)  Cheers.

CHVRCHES - GUN  (Thanks to ChvrchesVEVO for the video)

Absolutely mindblowing...I love them, wish more bands sounded like this.


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