Friday, July 26, 2013


Hello and welcome back....Remember the breakdance scenes of the mid 80s, made famous with movies like "Breakin 1984 & Breakdance".... (watch "breakin 1984" HERE)....

Well, like everything excellent about the 80s, its coming back (been back for a while :) ), now known as "Dubstep"

(Pictured right) is a U.S. dubstep dancer named "Marquese "Nonstop" Scott

His moves remind me of the mid 80s breakin (Break dancing) scene which is where Marquese studied and watched artists like "Flat Top" & "Turbo" (Boogaloo shrimp)  dance moves.

This artist is mesmerizing to watch and an incredible talent.

HOT CHIP - MOTION SICKNESS (Ft Marquese "Nonstop" Scott)

Thanks to alejocrey for the video

PUMPED UP KICKS / DUBSTEP  (Thanks to WHZGUD2 for the video)


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