Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hello and welcome back.....Not essentially a Electronic band, more Soft Rock, but it has a haunting synth at the the start and well, that does it for me.
Originally released in 1982 on the "Saints and Sinners" album...Here I go Again made it to No1in the U.S music charts after being re-released in 1987.
The video for this song has everything you could possibly need in a music video...Long hair, A couple of Jaguars (cars, not big cats), 3 band members playing Synthesizers, several band members playing guitars and a girl in a white flimsy dress/lingerie lounging on the Jaguars (cars not big cats).....oh, and even more Hair.
As it turned out, the lead singer married the girl in the white flimsy dress/lingerie but that didn't last long...never does.

WHITESNAKE - HERE I GO AGAIN  (Thanks to emimusic for the video)

Something for the Whitesnake fans....I know your out there

WHITESNAKE LIVE 1990   (Thanks to 80RockConcerts for the video)

01. Slip Of The Tongue
02. Slide It In
03. Judgement Day
04. Slow An Easy
05. Kitten's Got Claws
06. Adagio For Strato
07. Flying Dutchman Boogie
08. Is This Love
09. Cheap An' Nasty
10. Crying In The Rain
11. Fool For Your Loving
12. For The Love Of God
13. The Audience Is Listening
14. Here I Go Again
15. Bad Boys
16. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
17. Still Of The Night

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