Monday, June 17, 2013


Hello and welcome back......Pseudo Echo fans rejoice, a new compilation album has been released.
The album called "Hits and More 1983-2012" includes tracks like "Listening", "A Beat for You", "Don't Go", "Love an Adventure" & "Living in a Dream".
But then it gets interesting with Funky Town being a live track (the electronic drums are mind blowing) and a Y2K remix (Remember that).
 Some rare songs from Autumnal Park (Pseuds first album), are included, those being "Walk Away" & "In Their Time".
2 new songs make it to the compilation as well, those being "Suddenly Silently" and "Fighting the Tide"......
This is an excellent album, $8.99 on Itunes, this compilation is definitely an addition, that's worthy of one's collection.


1 = Listening
2 = A Beat for You
3 = Dancing until Midnight
4 = Stranger in Me
5 = Fast Cars
6 = Destination Unknown
7 = Walkaway
8 = In their Time (Bonus Track) 
9 = Dont Go
10 = Love an Adventure
11 = Living in a Dream
12 = Try
13 = Funky Town (Live)
14 = Fooled Again
15 = Over Tomorrow
16 = 1985
17 = Funky Town (Y2K remix)
18 = Suddenly Silently
19 = Fighting the Tide

For Australian fans, Pseudo Echo are currently touring around the traps on their "2013 Polyphonic Tour"

28 JUNE - Settlers Tavern Margret River WA
29 JUNE - Charles Hotel Perth WA

5 JULY - Brass Monkey Sydney NSW
6 JULY - Bridge Hotel Sydney NSW
27 JULY - The Gov Adelaide SA

9 AUGUST - Lizottes Newcastle NSW
10 AUGUST - Lizottes Kincumber NSW
11 AUGUST - Lizottes Dee Why NSW
23 AUGUST - Northcote Social Club Melbourne VIC

13 SEPTEMBER - SS&A club Albury NSW
14 SEPTEMBER - Mulwala Ski club NSW

6 OCTOBER - Ceduna SA

9 NOVEMBER - Benalla Music Festival VIC

Keep checking their Facebook page for more additions.


LISTENING  (Thanks to HOLLYwoodgoesFRANKIE for the video)

IN THEIR TIME  (Thanks to andyet1 for the video)

FIGHTING THE TIDE  (Thanks to TheNouveauxdecadence for the video)


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