Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NEW RETROWAVE VOL 2 (Music Download)

Hello and welcome back..... A treat for fans of New Retrowave music, A free (or a small donation) Download to some of the hottest sounds around.
This is Vol 2 in the series and has songs by Futurecop, Betamaxx, Dynatron & Starforce.


All you need to do is click "Buy Now" and enter an amount, If your strapped for cash just enter 0 then click download now....its that easy.
If money is no problem then support the guys (and Gals?) that make sounds like this possible and enter a few dollars.


Who Ha - Out Running
Multipac - Party Up 
Futurecop! - Maladaptive Daydreaming 
Betamaxx - Simulator 
Silenx - Stargazer 
Vincenzo Salvia - Milfs 
Highway Superstar - Easy Ride 
Let Em Riot - Return to Zero 
Rain Sword - Visions 
Mega Drive - Dataline 
Paradelous - Interstellar Dust 
Dynatron - Dust of The Saturn 
Perturbator - Come To Me (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) 
Neon Vandal - ShadowDancer 
Starforce - Future Romance (feat. Epydemic) 
New Arcades - Runaway Story 
Sam Häggblad - No Time To Lose (In The Night) 
Mental Minority - Under The Stars 
Akahandsdown - Twin Turbo 2.0 
Swagbot - Beast Machine 
Stellar Dreams - The Getaway  


BETAMAXX - SIMULATOR   (Thanks to RetroModernTV for the video)

The RetroWave scene grows bigger, stronger and bolder as each new day comes into existence.

You are now witnessing the next big sound to takeover the music scene. Once summer 2013 hits one will be able to resist the retro vibes!

Get ready to "Live The 80's Dream" in a power packed 2nd installment. 

Massive thanks to New RetroWave website for the photos and links 

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