Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MAX Q (Ft Michael Hutchence) - WAY OF THE WORLD

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JUNE 4th 1989....Tiananmen Square....Beijing China..... It was to be a Student-led Demonstration, instead it turned into Tiananmen Square Massacre....

MAX Q - WAY OF THE WORLD (Ft Michael Hutchence) (Thanks to Richard Lowenstein for the video)

Max Q were an Australian band with Michael Hutchence (INXS) & Ollie Olsen, Released in 1989 "Way of the World" is a moving song, with some powerfull lyrics (see below).

You are born into this world
Looking down the barrel of a gun
And those who hold the gun
Want you to work fast and die young
And if you don’t work
If you don’t obey
They’ll make you live in fear ‘til your dying day
Those who govern hold the gun to your head
With religions, corporations, proud of the blood

And the corporate snakes coming up to feed
On that pathetic fact known as human greed
Skin and bone being raked over those hot coals
This dump never seems to give time for human soul
And all those things that we have learnt
No time for questions you’ll just get burnt
You’ll just get burnt

And those words crush you flat
Like your skull’s under a brick
And the fear’s so damn strong
That it makes you sick
And you can see right through those eyes
That make you fear, that make you lie
And you’re taught to hold high
Yet you wonder why
Dumb values forced upon you by the
Living lie

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