Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hello and welcome back......1982 is to blame for this one, The Band Tight Fit had a number 1 in the music charts with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".
2 questions remain after watching this video =

1. Is the lion really sleeping or is he really dead?? (he looks fake to me)

2 . Why did that woman walk off with that gorilla...Smiling?? (he looks fake too)

Still, will its questions remain unanswered, its still a good song. Enjoy

TIGHT FIT - THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT  (thanks to MTVClassic1 for the video)

Its not the first time I questioned the authenticity of certain animals...not sure about this lion too

DIE ROTEN PUNKTE - I AM A LION  (thanks to dierotenpunkte for the video)

I will leave it up to you to decide :)

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