Sunday, May 12, 2013

EMPIRE OF THE SUN (Sounds like the 80s)

Hello and welcome back.....Australian band Empire of the Sun is a mix of 2 separate bands, that being dance band "Pnau" and another band called "The Sleepy Jackson".
I first heard of this band on Sydney radio Triple J, playing the song "Walking on A Dream".....This song reminds me of  80s band "Tears for Fears".

What stands out for me is the costumes, they are amazing, and the sound is so lush, so haunting...I love it.
Its a shame more bands don't go to the
lengths that this band goes to, with regards to costumes and things, it makes you stand out, more and more people will remember that. (Another similar band is "Divine Knights") also a huge favorite of mine.

 Empire of the Sun has just released a new single called "Alive" and listening to this song makes you feel just that....glad to be alive :)

A new album is due in June 2013 called "Ice on the Dune".... Should be good.

WALKING ON A DREAM                           (thanks to emimusic for the video)

ALIVE  (New Music)                            (thanks to empireofthesunvevo for the video)

DIVINE KNIGHTS - STORM               (thanks to Divine Knights for the video)


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