Monday, May 27, 2013


Hello and welcome back..... U.K band "Bros" had a string of hits towards the late 80s.
Bros consisted of twin brothers Luke and Matt Goss with Craig Logan also forming the band.
They were managed by former Pet Shop Boys "Tom Watkins"
For me I liked their music, had a good sound although a bit confused as to the nature of Craig Logan as the other two (Luke & Matt) were obviously brothers....Most of the photos in Smash Hits & Countdown magazines usually only had pics of Luke & Matt... still he was a valuable member to the band and their music was awesome.

Bros released 3 albums in total, Songs I like were "I Owe You Nothing", "When Will I Be Famous", "I Quit" & "Chocolate Box".....My favourite would have to be "When Will I Be Famous" with pumping beat and dance moves to die for, it was excellent time for music.

I OWE YOU NOTHING   (Thanks to BrosVEVO for the video)

WHEN WILL I BE FAMOUS  (Thanks to skv80s for the video)

I QUIT  (thanks to BrosVEVO for the video)

CHOCOLATE BOX  (Thanks to BrosVEVO for the video)

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