Friday, April 5, 2013

CUT COPY - HEARTS ON FIRE (Sounds Like The 80s)

Hello and welcome back.....If ever a band had that 80s sound, it would be this band...Australian band "Cut Copy" sounds amazingly like New Order (well, it does to me, what do you think?).
The video I have chosen I saw a while ago, It was shot live in Austin City....then suddenly it was gone (thanks youtube)..... Now a new version has sprung up and it showcases how electronic bands should sound live (not just in a studio).....Play it loud, its sounds superb.

CUT COPY - HEARTS ON FIRE (Live @ Pitchfork Music Festival)

CUT COPY - TAKE ME OVER (Live @ Pitchfork Music Festival)

Massive thanks to Pitchforktv for the videos


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